You can save a turtle!

A project by Kawartha Turtle Trauma Centre

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  • For $5.00 or more

    Unique “I brake for turtles” bumper sticker, declares your support for turtles to the world.
    Reward_badge 4 backers
  • For $10.00 or more

    Beautiful turtle photo key chain and “I brake for turtles” bumper sticker.
    Reward_badge 5 backers
  • For $25.00 or more

    Kawartha Turtle Trauma Centre t-shirt, just like the ones our volunteers wear, plus bumper sticker.
    Reward_badge 23 backers
  • For $50.00 or more

    “I brake for turtles” t-shirt, plus sturdy cloth turtle bag.
    Reward_badge 19 backers
  • For $75.00 or more

    “I brake for turtles” t-shirt, plus turtle cloth bag, plus key chain, plus bumper sticker.
    Reward_badge 9 backers
  • For $100.00 or more

    Attractive and informative turtle book by Firefly Press, (available in the summer) signed by author and KTTC Executive Director, Dr. Sue Carstairs, plus t-shirt.
    Reward_badge 9 backers
  • For $200.00 or more

    Gorgeous high quality turtle photo, suitable for hanging, signed by photographer Stewart Stick, plus t-shirt.
    Reward_badge 3 backers
  • For $300.00 or more

    A unique opportunity to be the one to take a healed turtle back to its wetland home and release it. How cool is that?
    Reward_badge 2 backers
  • For $500.00 or more

    6 of 7 available
    Exclusive Jody Paudash art print, $100 value, plus private tour of Turtle Education Centre.
    Reward_badge 1 backer
  • For $1,500.00 or more

    A visit by our Turtle Education team (including our Education Turtles Paddy the Snapping Turtle and Andrea the Blandings') to the school or company of your choice in Ontario, to educate about the importance of turtles to our environment. (May require additional transportation costs).
    Reward_badge 0 backers
  • For $3,000.00 or more

    Sold out
    0 of 1 available
    Get your family or company name on our Musk Turtle aquarium, plus private tour of our Turtle Education Centre.
    Reward_badge 1 backer

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