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  • For $10.00 or more

    EMAIL LOVE BOMB: If you like, your name will be included in a Shout Out page on our website dedicated to early believers. In addition to receiving exclusive project updates, you’ll also be at the front of the line when your beta is ready.
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  • For $25.00 or more

    170 of 200 available
    LAUNCH PARTY VIP GUEST LIST: When your beta goes live, we’ll throw an appropriately awesome launch party in Toronto where you’ll be a VIP guest and be on the list for surprise perks.
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  • For $50.00 or more

    383 of 400 available
    PLAYDREAM FOOTNOTES: We’ll send you a curated list of inspirational books and online resources we’ve stumbled upon, along with our personal notes about how each helped influence our thinking behind PlayDream.
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  • For $100.00 or more

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    PERSONALIZED PLAYPAL PLAYBOOK: We'll send you a personalized, limited edition printed copy of your very own v1.0 PlayPal PlayBook - a sweet coffee table companion that will arm you with do-it-yourself tips on how to be a better idea buddy for your friends - that doubles as an idea sketch book for you!
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  • For $250.00 or more

    50 of 50 available
    BOOK SURPRISE: We'll send you some surprise picks from our library of thought-provoking and instructive books by top authors who’ve inspired our thinking. We’ll also include a personal note describing how they influenced PlayDream's design and even annotations of passages that made us go, "Hmmmm."
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  • For $500.00 or more

    20 of 20 available
    PINCH IN YOUR HONOUR: You'll get name recognition for a PlayPal Pinch of your choice during our beta launch period (like: "this Pinch Catalyzed by [YOUR NAME]"), so Dreamers will get to see who some of our most passionate fans are. If you like, you’ll even get to star in your very own PlayDreamer video!
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  • For $1,000.00 or more

    5 of 5 available
    PLAYPAL'N AROUND: We'll act as a PlayPal and idea buddy for one of your PlayDreams over a series of digital dates. We'll do our best to offer useful outsider perspectives, open up our personal networks and plant new ideas for how you can inch your PlayDream forward.
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  • For $2,500.00 or more

    2 of 2 available
    DIRECTOR’S CHAIR: You’ll get a seat at the Director’s table for an experimental short documentary concept dedicated to shining a light on subjects that matter to the PlayDream community. You’ll get to help us define the subject, inform production themes and be credited as part of the production team.
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